Our Story

Agtarise Academy was launched out of passion for all that crave for genuine and indigenous information technology tutorials. We believe that you have finally reached your destination as far as improving your knowledge is concerned.

“I’m really assuring you that this site is all you need to moving yourself to the next step as regards brushing up yourself in Information Technology.”

Paul Adesokan, MD

Who We Are

Agtarise Academy is an online library of premium videos that you can grab and learn anything you want to learn from basics of computer operations and applications that allow you execute your tasks. In less than 1 minute, you can sign up and get started.

What You Stand To Gain

Signing up for any of our courses, you get all you need as regards basics and after the course or during the course, you can reach out to us and we shall be more than happy to put you through whatever challenge you have. Kingly get started today.

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Motunrayo Abiodun

I.T. Consultant

Adesokan Paul